The geographical area known as Grand-Pre includes thousands of acres where you find a variety of types of land. Some of it is marshlands and other areas are ideal for farming. There are orchards with different types of trees growing and flourishing. There are several villages in the surrounding regions. They include Hortonville and North Grand-Pre.

The significance of this area goes back to the history of the Arcadians. They cultivated this area to offer themselves and their families a better way of life. They were doing very well in this area until they were deported. Almost 10,000 of them were sent away from the area over the span of 10 years.

June 20th of 2004 was the date when Grand-Pre was recognised for its significance in the historic district. It is a very empowering site for Canada with a deep history. Millions of people have ancestors that started out in this region. People from all over the world come to see this tourist attraction and appreciate what the Arcadians offered to help shape Canada.

The Arcadians started to settle in this area around the 1680s. They were drawn to the marshland as they knew it would offer sufficient water for them to survive. It would give them water to raise families, livestock, and to water the fields for their crops. They spread out over 1,000 acres in this area, and they thrived. The crops grew well and their families were happy and successful.

As of 2012, Grand-Pre and its landscaping are preserved. The goal is to continue to tell the stories and history of this land. There are many ways people can appreciate it when they come to visit. They can explore, see the church that is now a museum, and appreciate the lush green surroundings.

For those with a history linked to the Acadians, it is fascinating to them to take a step back in time. They know who they are and they know the hardships their ancestors faced due to deportation and other factors. They can stand proud of what they accomplished in Grand-Pre and also mourn for what was taken from them.