Memorial Church

Memorial Church is located in Grand-Pre. In 2022, it celebrated its centennial as it was the 100-year mark of this amazing place being built. While the church has gone through many changes through the years, it continues to be a historical location that many visit when they travel through this area. The history that is part of it is amazing and something that many families in the area have a connection to.

The Memorial Church is one of the main sites relating to the history of Canada. It was created in 1922 through funding the Arcadian communities in North America raised. It is a symbol of the spirit of Acadia beliefs and Nationalism. The place also commemorates the tragic elements of deportation.
The architect of Memorial Church was Rene Fréchet from New Brunswick. The design he created was a reflection of the 1700s architecture in Normandy. Isn’t a replica of the pre-deportation church. However, Memorial Church was built on the same ground where the original Grand-Pre parish was located.

Federal Heritage Building

In 1992, Memorial Church was deemed a Federal Heritage Building. This was proclaimed on May 14th. It is honours for commemorating Canadian history. It also promotes tourism due to monuments that have been created in Canada. It is also recognised for the French Regime’s architectural design. Memorial Church is highly regarded as a symbol of Acadian culture and history.

On the Grounds

Outside of Memorial Church, you will find several amazing statues. Each of them is significant with what they represent. The attention to detail while capturing the raw elements of them has made them timeless. The beautiful landscaping, complete with trees and colourful flowers, is appealing. It gives all visitors a sense of peace and belonging as they come to visit the Memorial Church.

It can be identified in all directions from quite a distance. This is due to the tall steeple on top of the church. It is pointed and has a cross at the top. Everyone is encouraged to come see Memorial Church. It doesn’t matter what your religious background is or if you are part of the Acadian culture.

At night, the outside of Memorial Church is illuminated. This gives it a relaxed feeling and it shows the pride the Acadians have in what was created. Often, the colours are changed to reflect an event taking place in Canada.

Inside Memorial Church

The inside of the church is inviting too, featuring arched windows that give a breathtaking view of the outside. A large statue is found at the front of the church when you enter the doors. It is a focal point for all who enter. The amazing wide but arched at the top window that has stained glass on it is phenomenal! The pictures of it just don’t do it justice – especially when the sunlight is coming through it! If you get a chance to come to Memorial Church and see it first-hand do so, you won’t be disappointed!